Curing Ringworm Through Diet

People who are infected or are suffering from fungal foot problems know the inconvenience that one goes through while trying to lead a normal life.  The treatment takes a lot of time and most of the time the medicines that are used do not work the way that they claim to. However, once the fungal infection is treated, precautions should be taken to prevent the return of the infection. The following is the list of ten anti-fungal foods that can go a long way in preventing the occurrence of fungal infections.

Curing Ringworm Through DietVegetables– Green vegetables like broccoli, or cabbage, tomatoes, turnips, onions and cucumbers are very good sources of anti-fungal properties.  One should avoid sweet potatoes, corn and carrots, as they increase the chances of a fungal infection.

Pumpkin Seeds– These seeds are anti-parasitic, antifungal and also have virus-fighting properties.

Cayenne pepper– This helps increase the metabolism and circulation which results in clearing up the fungal infection quickly.

Ginger– This aids in the proper functioning of the immune system as well as boosts digestion. Inflammation of the digestive tract is one of the reasons for the proliferation of fungal infections.

Coconut Oil– The caprylic acid and lauric acid which is present in the coconut help treat the overgrowth of fungus as well as strengthen the immune system. Olive oil contains Oleuropein, which is helpful in treating fungal infections.

Garlic– It has antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal properties that help the body function properly.

Fruits– Bananas, brown pears, white peaches and dates are the best fruits to treat antifungal infections.

Curing Ringworm Through DietYogurt– This is considered a good option to cure fungal infections and can either be ingested or applied externally on the affected area.

Apple cider vinegar– This is considered the best cure for acid reflux, indigestion and even fungal infections. One can take a couple of tablespoons of this vinegar before a meal and it will help remove fungal infections.

Gluten-Free Whole Grains– cereals, oats and brown rice are the sources of food which help fight fungal infections. One should avoid white bread, barley, wheat and rye.

Keep in mind that there are certain types of food that you should avoid eating while you are suffering from any sort of infection and these are-

Peanuts, coffee, tea, sugar, artificial sweeteners, butter, margarine and drinks and food that contain yeast.

The list of ten anti-fungal foods that have been mentioned above are also healthy food choices. They not only take care of the fungal infections, but people who are suffering from obesity and candida infections benefit if they consume these foods. You should keep in mind that apart from consuming these anti-fungal foods you should also take care of your hygiene. One should take care of the footwear, as the cause of foot fungal infections are mostly caused by improper foot hygiene.