This is a review of Antifungal Lotion, which is manufactured by Au Kah Chuen.

Au Kah Chuen claims that their product has been clinically proven to be effective in reducing the pain and discomfort associated with fungal infections.

Read on to learn whether this product is right for you and your symptoms.


The only listed active ingredient for this product is clotrimazole 1.0%. Clotrimazole is a very common topical ingredient in products for skin infections. It has antifungal properties that are said to prevent the growth and spread of fungus.

The other ingredients listed include:

  • Peppermint oil
  • Cassia
  • Clove
  • Cinnamon leaf oil
  • Licorice Oil


The instructions are not listed by the manufacturer on their website. However, they can be found elsewhere online. The directions listed for this product are as follows: wash the area affected and make sure it is completely dry. Apply a thin layer of Antifungal Lotion over the area twice each day unless instructed otherwise by a doctor. To achieve the best results, make sure the lotion gets in between your toes. You should also wear ventilated shoes and make sure that you change your socks at least once a day.

This product suggests that it will clear up ringworm or athlete’s foot infections in four weeks. If  you are using the lotion for jock itch, the product should be used for two weeks.

Do not apply this medicine more than subscribed, as it will not clear the infection any faster and it may cause side effects.

This product will have no effect on infections in the nails or the scalp.

Possible Side Effects

If you are allergic to any type of antifungal medication, contact your doctor before using this medication.

This medication should be kept out of the reach of children. If used on a child, an adult should apply the lotion and supervise at all times.

This product is intended for external use only and should be kept away from your eyes, nose and mouth. if the product is being used to treat jock itch, it should be kept out of the vagina.

There are possible side effects of clotrimazole. Burning, swelling, stinging, irritation and flaking of the skin are the most common side effects.

There are more serious side effects of clotrimazole. If you experience any blistering, oozing or open sores, contact your doctor immediately.


Amazon lists this product for $16.30 and free shipping. The bottle is listed as 8 oz but it is also listed as .81 fl oz.


There is no guarantee listed on Amazon. The manufacturer’s website has not been located. There are also no reviews available for the product.


The Antifungal Lotion manufactured by Au Kah Chuen uses one of the most common antifungal ingredients to treat athlete’s foot and ringworm. It is relatively inexpensive but very little information is provided. The Amazon listing only lists one ingredient but other retailers list several more. The amount of product available in each container is confusing and instructions are not provided by the manufacturer.

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