In this review, you can read about Mar-v-cide Disinfectant & Germicidal Spray.

Mar-v-cide Disinfectant & Germicidal Spray is designed to kill all types of bacteria and viruses, on many different surface types. This hospital-grade disinfectant has been certified to eliminate some of the most infectious viruses.  Continue reading to find out more.


After extensive research, no information about the ingredients which make up Mar-v-cide Disinfectant & Germicidal Spray could be found, which should be considered a red flag regarding the product’s safety. What we do know, however, is that the formula has been specially refined to completely eradicate both the HIV-1 virus, also known as AIDS, and the H1N1 swine flu virus. It is noted that Mar-v-cide Disinfectant & Germicidal Spray is also effective when used as a deodorant and anti-perspirant. The product can also be used to treat and prevent fungal infections caused by perspiration, such as athelete’s foot.


Mar-v-cide Disinfectant & Germicidal Spray does not have a concrete recommended dosage, as it is a spray disinfectant, feel free to use it on an as-needed basis. For the treatment of athlete’s foot or other fungal infections, you should apply Mar-v-cide Disinfectant & Germicidal Spray several times per day, and make sure to apply it to any footwear that you might be wearing for extended periods of time.

Possible Side Effects

Mar-v-cide Disinfectant & Germicidal Spray has no confirmed negative side effects, however, basic safety guidelines are to be adhered to, as the case with all sprays is that overdosing can have negative side effects on the treated skin. When used properly, Mar-v-cide Disinfectant & Germicidal Spray should eliminate 99.99% of all germs. This is only true if the treated surface has been already cleaned. When using Mar-v-cide Disinfectant & Germicidal Spray on a contaminated surface, negative side effects from toxins already present may occur.


Mar-v-cide Disinfectant & Germicidal Spray is commercially available from numerous re-sellers and store fronts, both online and retail. Due to this, there is no single universal price that the manufacturer has pre-determined, and prices may vary from seller to seller. One 16.5oz bottle of Mar-v-cide Disinfectant & Germicidal Spray costs $13.95 on Amazon with no additional shipping costs. The product is also available in a 64oz bottle for a higher price.


Unfortunately, one downside of the product’s availability from many different sources, is the lack of a centralized guarantee policy as determined by the manufacturer. Each independent re-seller usually has their own policy regarding a money-back guarantee and refunds.


Mar-v-cide Disinfectant & Germicidal Spray is a potent and effective disinfectant which can eliminate a wide-range of dangerous bacteria and viruses as well as fungal infections, whilst remaining at a reasonable price. However, the lack of information regarding the product’s ingredients is a strong cause for concern and caution. Another issue with the product is the lack of a universal guarantee policy, as determined by the manufacturer.

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