In this review you will learn all there is to know about Vertico Footwear Company’s Ped Powder Organic Foot Powder. Vertico Footwear Company Ped Powder Organic Foot Powder claims to prevent fungal infections on your feet, like athlete’s foot. The product was originally designed for by travelers who spent days wearing their shoes in scorching temperatures. Read on to find out what we learned.


  • Sodium bicarbonate
  • Organic arrowroot
  • Essential oils

This powder is an entirely natural product, as the sodium bicarbonate used in Vertico Footwear Company Ped Powder Organic Foot Powder is naturally sourced. The cleaning properties of sodium bicarbonate, also known as baking soda, have been common knowledge for countless generations, and the substance is widely used as a deodorant. The arrowroot powder is usually extracted from the Maranta arudinacea plant, and it has been widely used as a disinfectant for centuries. Among the essential oils used, eucalyptus extract is the primary aromatic ingredient. There are also variants which utilize peppermint and camphor mint as their scent.


The recommended dosage for Vertico Footwear Company Ped Powder Organic Foot Powder is a daily application on both of your feet, as well as whatever footwear and socks you will be wearing that day. Applying the product to footwear will also slow the rate at which the interior of the shoe degrades. The exact amount is not specified, however the description does recommend to treat the feet “generously”. The product is most effective when massaged into the skin as opposed to simply being sprinkled onto the surface. This is because the massage forces the powder into the pores and therefore it is sure to exact its effects.

Possible Side Effects

Sodium bicarbonate is slightly toxic and therefore extensive use and overdose may lead to certain negative side effects. Some users may also experience allergic reactions due to the presence of certain ingredients which contain allergens.


Vertico Footwear Company Ped Powder Organic Foot Powder is available from several different re-sellers worldwide, and therefore has no set price. On Amazon, one 5 ounce bottle costs $9.99 plus shipping. There are no discounts for purchasing multiple bottles, nor are there any coupons available. Shipping fees vary depending on where you ship the product to.


Since Vertico Footwear Company Ped Powder Organic Foot Powder is available from multiple different re-sellers, there is no universal guarantee policy in place. Each seller may determine their own money-back policy, and with so many to choose from, you may find one that suits your needs.


Vertico Footwear Company Ped Powder Organic Foot Powder is an effective product with an efficient formula at a fair price. That being said, the lack of an official page on the manufacturer’s website is a downside. There is also the issue of a vague description of the ingredients as well as a lack of a universal guarantee policy. This is an issue because prospective customers are at the mercy of whichever re-seller ships to their particular region.

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