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DeSensua product claims to help Athlete's Foot and also, it helps with sinus and acne as well, according to the manufacturer.


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This is a review of Melaleuca Tea Tree Essential Oils from De Sensua. This oil is made by professional aromatherapists, though it can be used by anyone. The product claims to help treat athlete’s foot. As you read more, you will find out the pros and cons about this product, including our opinion on its suitability for you.


The ingredient used in this product is:

  • %100 pure tea tree oil: tea tree oil is said to be an effective healing ingredient for athlete’s foot issues. The manufacturer also states several other conditions that using tea tree oil can be beneficial in treating.


The recommended dosage is three to four times a day.

Possible Side Effects

This product is for the external treatment of athlete’s foot. Since this product is natural, it does not have any noted side effects.  If consumers experience an adverse reaction, it is advisable to discontinue use and consult a physician.


The cost of this product is $23.99 on For this price you get a 1 fl oz bottle. Other similar products cost less for the same amount of product. Because this is usually diluted for treatment, a bottle will last quite long.


This product is offered with a three month (90 day) satisfaction guarantee. The company claims that this guarantee is because of the superiority of the product. This product has several reviews, most of them positive ones. The reviews variously say that Melaleuca Tea Tree Oil from De Sensua is the best product in its class. Some of them also call this a miracle product. Others say that their athlete’s foot has been cured within three days. Most recommend that you purchase this product if you suffer from any of the conditions that this product aims to treat.


This product has both positive and negative characteristics. Melaleuca Tea Tree Oil from DeSensua is a natural product used for the treatment of athlete’s foot. They have a good guarantee and the product comes in a photoprotective packaging, to maintain its potency.

However, the downsides affected the ranking of this product. Firstly, we felt that this product was insufficient in providing a total care solution for athlete’s foot by offering just one ingredient – i.e tea tree oil. Although it works effectively to fight fungal infections alone, it does not provide other significant healing benefits as per our top products. Furthermore, this oil cannot be exposed to oxygen, if it is, it deteriorates and very likely will not work and need to be replaced. The aroma can be described as “medicinal” hence not everyone will like it. Also, this product, is more expensive than many of the other tea tree oils on the market.

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Jimmy Rodriguez reviewed on and gave it a rating of 3.

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