Fighting Fungus with Vitamins

Fungal infections will rarely cause any serious infections and will go away on their own.  This is thanks to the body’s internal defense system. There are certain types of vitamins that fight fungal infections, as well as prevent them from reoccurring. There is a lot that needs to be studied in this area, but it is advisable that one speak with a medical practitioner before deciding which vitamins should be taken to fight these fungal infections.

Fighting Fungus With VitaminsBelow are three of these vitamins that are known for their anti-fungal properties and studies are still being done to understand how they fight fungal infections and to what extent.

Vitamin C – Research was conducted to check for the anti-fungal properties of this vitamin and there were positive results. C. albicans were suppressed by Vitamin C to stop the growth and proliferation of fungi in the body.

Vitamin B-3 – This vitamin is the best source for fighting fungal infections. In animal research Vitamin B-3 has proven to reduce the ability of fungus to grow and multiply.

Fighting Fungus With VitaminsVitamin D – According to a review published in October 2011 in an issue of the Dermato Endocrinology Journal, this vitamin is believed to have antimicrobial qualities and can fight against various pathogens, including fungal infections.  The authors of the article have written that Vitamin D can reduce the risk of infection.  However, it is not clear if this will be helpful if one already has a fungal infection. There have been studies which claim that when Vitamin D is taken in higher doses, it reduces fungal infections.

Since research in this field is still new and ongoing, there is still a long way to go in order to prove whether or not these vitamins have any effect on the prevention of infection and fighting them. It is highly recommended that if  you are suffering from a fungal infection you should consult a doctor and not treat the infection on your own. Some vitamins are hard to flush out of the body. You should be cautious because if one takes high doses of this vitamin then there is a serious and dangerous risk of increasing the toxic levels in your body.