Treat Foot Fungus with Tea Tree Oil

Many people use tea tree oil to cure common ailments. It has been recommended by generations of people in Australia over several hundred years. The oil is made from a type of plant called tea tree that is native to the lands of Australia and New Zealand. It is well known for having both antibacterial and anti-fungal properties which makes it ideal for treating common foot ailments like foot fungus and infections. Many researchers have performed studies on tea tree oil but this home remedy works quite slowly. This affects the results of these trials because many patients drop out before the test is complete, because it may often go on for weeks or even months at a time. As such, most of the data that scientists receive from clinical trials is worthless because the test was not complete when the patient dropped out.

Treat Foot Fungus with Tea Tree OilSome studies have shown that there has been considerable success in treating fungal infections on the feet. Fungal infections that respond positively to tea tree oil include toenail fungus and athlete’s foot. By applying tea tree oil at least twice a day, you may be able to see improvements in the spread and side effects of fungal infections. It can clear up serious infections in around six months, but many people experience improvements well before the six-month mark. While tea tree oil is not the best smelling oil, many people do achieve the desired results by using this oil.

When you are using tea tree oil, it is best to follow some best practice tips. These tips include the following:

  • Make sure you clean your feet very thoroughly before you apply tea tree oil. You should always clean your feet carefully, to prevent the spread and growth of the fungus. This is because fungal infections thrive in areas that are dark, warm and moist and keeping your feet clean and dry destroys their comfortable environment. If you have toenail fungus, try to keep the nail area clean and keep your nails in good condition, avoiding nail polish.

Keep your nails long to cover your skin so you do not cut the infected area. Make sure you switch out your nail file regularly because these will harbor germs when you are trying clear up a fungal infection.

  • Treat Foot Fungus with Tea Tree OilMake sure that you apply the tea tree oil at least twice a day. You have to be consistent with the treatment if you want it to work properly. This is why you must apply it at least twice a day every day. You will see results quickly, but for the tea tree oil to have its full effect, you must use it regularly for at least six months. Otherwise, you are taking the risk of the infection returning. Before you use tea tree oil, make sure that you are not allergic to it by testing some of it on your skin. Should you find that it irritates your skin, consider diluting it with some water or another oil. If you are not bothered by the oil, then you can apply it all over the infected area. If you are applying the tea tree oil to the nails, make sure you cover the whole nail. After you apply the oil, let everything dry and avoid putting on shoes for a while.

The best shoes to wear when you are trying to get rid of afungal foot infection are open-toed sandals so that your feet can breathe and heal.

Another option for improving fungal infections is to visit the nearest beach. Sand will help to exfoliate your feet naturally and it will remove a lot of the dead skin that is a result of athlete’s foot. Salt water is also a great cure for skin ailments.