7 Easy Tips to Reduce the Risk of Athlete’s Foot

Athlete’s Foot is caused by bacteria and fungi, so you must prevent these from growing on your feet. If you are tired of dealing with athlete’s foot, there are a few simple rules to follow:

7 Easy Tips to Reduce the Risk of Athlete's FootDo not walk around with damp feet. Many people end up with damp feet because they do not switch up their footwear often enough. So, the simplest way to prevent athlete’s foot? Change your shoes every other day. Also, let your shoes air out for about 24 hours before you wear them again. The shoes will dry faster if you store them in a dry, airy place.

Another way to stop fungus and bacteria from taking up residence inside your footwear is to purchase a shoe dryer. There are many shoe dryers and sterilizers on the market that can efficiently control shoe dampness and prevent athlete’s foot.

Do not wear tight shoes. Shoes that are too tight prevent air from circulating between your foot and the shoe. Shoes that are made with poor materials may also prevent air circulation. If your feet are not getting enough air, they will sweat. Constant sweating keeps your feet damp, and damp feet lead to the growth of fungus.

If you are in a shared shower or locker room, do not walk around barefoot. If you regularly shower in a public area, carry flip flops with you so that you do not need to walk around barefoot. If you don’t wear flip flops, you will likely pick up some bacteria or fungus and end up with athlete’s foot.

7 Easy Tips to Reduce the Risk of Athlete's FootTry not to do activities that will keep your feet damp for a long time. If possible, avoid jobs where your feet will be wet for long periods of time. If you are stuck in a job like this, consider purchasing special socks or other items to minimize dampness. When you get a break, dry your feet as soon as possible. Then, in your free time, expose your feet to fresh air and warm them in the sun.

Replace old shoes. In addition to replacing shoes and spraying them with anti-fungal spray, make sure that you are changing your socks every day. Replace socks regularly to make sure they are not holding on to the nasty stuff that leads to athlete’s foot.

Let your feet breathe with open-toed shoes and sandals. Sandals and open-toed shoes keep the air circulating, which means your feet stay dry. When you can’t wear sandals, make sure you remove damp shoes as soon as possible. To dry your feet off, powder them and let them enjoy some fresh air.

Listen to your feet. Even if your feet do not appear to be infected, keep an eye on them anyway. As soon as you get a hint of an infection, start treatment right away. Since reinfection is so likely, if you have recently dealt with an infection, you will want to stay extra vigilant. If you keep getting infections, pay attention to your environment. You may have missed something.